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As a landlord of one or multiple properties, you have a continuous and legal duty to ensure your rental properties are safe homes, throughout their tenancy. The best way to ensure electrical safety is to have an EICR inspection, which will provide you with an Electric Installation Condition Report (EICR).

What is an EICR? and why do i need one?

EICR testing will check the home’s internal wiring, plug sockets, light fixtures, fuses, circuit breakers, and all fixed electrical equipment. The electrical safety check must be carried out by a qualified EICR electrician, who will look for wear and tear to help you meet the obligations you have to provide a properly maintained home to tenants.

The EICR cost is small, and the EICR certificate will show that the property has been checked for risks such as shocks, overloads, and fire hazards.

The Rules for EICR for landlords are changing

In England, the rules and standards of electrical safety are changing from 1st July 2020. You must have an EICR report provided by a qualified EICR electrician that shows your property meets the criteria laid out in the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

The EICR certificate must be provided to tenants before they occupy the home and to local authorities, upon request and within seven days. As a compliant EICR landlord, it is essential to note that new properties do not include an EICR.

How often should I replace my electrical inspection condition report?

It is recommended that a new electrical condition report is carried out every five years, and this is seen as the best way to ensure you are meeting your legal duties as a landlord for electrical safety. If you are an HMO landlord, then you must have a new/renewed EICR electrical condition report every five years. It also makes good sense to have a further EICR inspection at the time of any change of occupancy.

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