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You may be considering a CCTV installation to improve your home and garden’s security and introduce an active deterrent to thieves and burglars. A security camera installation is a cost-effective solution that will protect you, your family, and your belongings while deterring anti-social behaviour and preserving your lifestyle and happiness.



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Experts in Home Security Cameras

Our CCTV installation is competitively priced and backed up by excellent customer service and exceptional aftercare. We have a reputation as the CCTV installation experts for homes in the Midlands.

Radford Electrical has a team of experts with years of experience making domestic CCTV installations. We can make several recommendations to cater to your budget, individual needs, and the unique characteristics of your home. We will take you through everything you need to consider and answer all your questions to ensure you choose a solution that is right for you.

Security and video capturing technology have moved on significantly in recent years. Today’s CCTV installation gives you the opportunity to experience a selection of cutting-edge features, such as full high-definition recording and clear images even when it is pitch black. Many CCTV systems offer remote monitoring through your smartphone, tablet, or PC when you are at home, work, or away on holiday.

Quick & Easy Installation

Our CCTV camera installation is quick, clean, and efficient, causing little if any disruption to you or your family. Our security technicians will complete the CCTV set up and take you step-by-step through your system, explaining the features and how to use them, using clear and concise language that you can easily understand.

If you are searching for the reassurance that CCTV provides and would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us on 01543 448999 or email [email protected].


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